Our task

Most of the investments related to the Budapest Central Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works And Collector Systems required for its operation are implemented with the support of the Cohesion Fund of the European Union, the European Investment Bank, and with municipal and budgetary funds.

Our tasks have been defined as a result of a consultation with the European Union, the European Investment Bank, among other institutions. Accordingly, we perform the following tasks:

  • Following the assignment of the Public Utility Department of the Municipality of Budapest , we perform the preparation, programming, scheduling and implementation of the project.
  • In course of planning, obtaining the permit for approval we organize and supervise the process of consultations on designs, participate in obtaining the necessary permits and licences, and prepare decision proposals,
  • Organize and coordinate the work of the official partners participating in the implementation of the project,
  • Act as project manager in preparing and conducting the public procurement procedures,
  • Prepare the contracts to be concluded for the implementation of the project, then supervise the performance,
  • Monitor the technical and financial completion of the Project,
  • Perform continuous monitoring and controlling activities,
  • Cooperate in the technical planning by using the contractual services of the Engineer, in obtaining authority or other permits and approvals, in the preparation and execution of the implementation works,
  • Cooperate with other organizations involved in the project, and perform the required reporting obligations,
  • Support and monitor the PR activity related to the Project,
  • Continuously update the schedule during the implementation phase of the Project, and make proposals on the eventual modification of the scheduling of the project based on risk analyses,
  • Ensure coherence between each sub-project,
  • During the completion of the project, we participate in the test operation of the new facilities, then in the commissioning,
  • In course of the closing of the project, we propose date for the financial closing, for the final report and for the capitalization.

In course of our work, our main task is to coordinate the activities of the partners, asserting and ensuring their professional interests, and ensuring their satisfaction in relation to our activities.