Our company, ENVIRODUNA Beruházás Előkészítő Kft (Investment Preparation Ltd) was established on February 1, 2002 for performing the project management tasks necessary for the preparation and implementation of the so called Living Danube (ÉLŐDUNA„Budapest Central Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works And Collector Systems” project. The founder and single owner of the company is the Municipality of Budapest .

Our main task and objective is to fully perform the tasks related to the investment, which is exceptionally large and complex also in European comparison, in compliance with the requirements set by the European Union, in professional, efficient and timely manner.

Resulting from the tasks of the Company, it provides location and conditions for performing the administrative tasks, preparatory and controlling activities, document collection and processing, information provision, reporting and monitoring tasks necessary for the investment.

We maintain a specialist staff capable of international negotiations, office facility necessary for the international negotiations, and information technology system for the accounts and records, and the continuous information provision.

All of the 15 employees currently working for our Company have at least one degree in higher education, our activity is supported by several domestic experts, the European Union and a contracted International Consultant based on the requirements of international financial institutions involved in the project.

The tasks are divided by fields, each managed by a specialist.

We closely cooperate with the specialists of the founder, the Municipality of Budapest, the Intermediate Body (Development Directorate of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Water Management), the Managing Authority (National Development Agency, Cohesion Fund Managing Authority), the Hungarian State Treasury and the Ministry of Finance, the relevant units of the European Union and the European Investment Bank, and the institutions assigned to supervise the project.